JBFA nimalWelfareFieldVeterinarian Award

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It is an honor to announce that the *Animal Welfare Field Veterinarian Award* for the year *2022* goes to *Dr Parag Jyoti Deka* for his hard work, dedication and outstanding consistent contribution in the field of Animal Welfare over a long period of time.

This year, JBF has taken the initiative to announce the Animal Welfare Field Veterinarian Award, which is a *first-of-its kind entire North-East India to honor the hard work of the Veterinarians.* The award aims to glorify the notable contributions of dedicated veterinary professionals towards the field of animal welfare.

*For the year of 2022*, the Animal Welfare Field Veterinarian *Award* is in association with *SAPA (Small Animal Practitioners Association)* & the award will be handed over during the next CE of SAPA.

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