North East centre for Technology application and Reach (NECTAR) Dept of Science and Technology, Govt of India-Ingugration of Drone Awareness Training

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NECTAR has launched four training modules on Geospatial Technology application to train and build students and unemployed youths from North East region into professional resource person with the introduction to Drone awareness & certified Remote Pilot Training. The training modules have been designed to enable them with better Job opportunities in both Government and Private sectors. Qualified students and youths have shown their larger interest to join the training programs.

In our country the availability of skilled resources in the sector of Drone Technology in terms of Drone manufacturing, assembling of drone components and its repair and
maintenance have acute shortage and there is a gap in demand and supply of trained manpower in the sector.

To address the basic troubleshooting issues while operating Drone Flying and development of Drones, a 5-day training program on Drone Awareness in collaboration with I- Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC),a Technology Innovation Hub of IIT Delhi was launched with effect from 8-12 May 2023.The training course designed to get practical training through various types of Drone assembling, Drone flying simulation and awareness of Drone components for candidates of minimum matriculate standard, has been programed.21 candidates from different educational backgrounds from the states of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur including candidates from West Bengal,Bihar registered for the 5 day-program.

The program was inaugurated in the Training Hall of the NECTAR Techno Demonstration Centre, Khanapara on 8 May 2023 by Dr. Arvind C Ranade, Director, National Innovation Foundation (NIF), Gandhinagar. Dr. Ranade graced the occasion and appraised the NECTAR, a kind of initiative taken up through the state-of-the-art Techno Demo Centre,equipped with GIS facilities and introduction of Drone technology will leverage North East Region.It will give recognition and a significant mark down the line. The mandate of NIF to identify grassroot innovators, nature and value addition of technologies and NECTAR in terms of capacity building plays a crucial role for collaboration between the two-organizations complementing each other.

The program was also graced by Dr. Jaideep Barua, Director, Assam Science and Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC), who addressed the participants with the scope and application of drones in agriculture, monitoring, surveillance, disaster and rescue operations. He also expressed that though North Eastern schools and young boys are coming up with drone technology for videography, photography and are generating a good amount of income. ASTEC also initiated similar kinds of programs which he desired that these programs should not be conducted in duplicate and there is a lot of scope of collaboration between NECTAR and ASTEC. Mr. Ashutosh Sharma, CEO, [HFC joined online from Delhi and encouraged the participants to come up with proposals on innovation of this technology through startups. He further urged that the participants should express their desire to the faculty members of IHFC for any kind of support in preparation of proposals. He was impressed with the initiatives of NECTAR that it is first of its kind training program which is planned further at diploma and degree level.

Dr. Tapan Dutta, Principal Jawaharlal College Boko graced the occasion and addressed that this training program will be helpful for participants in the sector of Remote Pilot Training Organization (RPTO) which is being setup in collaboration with NECTAR at college premises.

Dr. Arun Kumar Sarma, Director General NECTAR addressed the participants with aims and objectives of this initiative that NECTAR wants to create a drone technology ecosystem in North Eastern region. The basic objective is to create a pool of skilled resources on time-to-time minor troubleshooting encountered during drone flying operation. It also creates an opportunity for better livelihood and enhances the income of the youths involved in this sector. Keeping in view of the development of the sector, he also shared his vision of starting a degree or diploma curriculum in the drone technology involving all the aspects of drone technology such as drone assembling/manufacturing,drone flying and drone data processing and analysis.

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