Atharva Foundation, Mumbai Donates an Ambulance for the Welfare of Ex- servicemen of Assam and also gifts Laptops to the daughters of martyrs

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Atharva Foundation, Mumbai has extended its support for the welfare of martyred soldiers families, ex-servicemen, and armed forces personnel by donating ambulances to the North East States. This generous contribution aims to improve healthcare access and emergency medical services for the brave individuals who have served in the armed forces and kin of martyred soldiers families. Atharva Foundation has been actively involved in various philanthropic initiatives, focusing on education, healthcare, and social welfare. The organization’s commitment to creating a positive impact in society has garnered widespread recognition and appreciation across the country.

In this regard, Atharva Foundation Chairman and MLA Borivali Shri Sunil Rane and team visited RSB Guwahati on 23 January 2024 and handed over the key of an ambulance to Brigadier Dinesh Ch Mazumdar (Retd) Directorate of Sainik Welfare, Guwahati in the presence of Ex-servicemen and armed forces personnel. Moreover, 05 laptops were gifted to the daughters of martyred soldiers of Assam by Shri Sunil Rane, Chairman Atharva Foundation. Shri Sunil Rane informed that Atharva Foundation has already donated ambulances to Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. In addition, Atharva Foundation has been donating laptops to the daughters of martyred soldiers across the country for next generation education. Shri Sunil Rane emphasized the importance of providing quality healthcare facilities to these heroes, stating. “Our ex-servicemen have shown immense courage and dedication while serving the nation. It is our responsibility to ensure they receive the care and support they deserve. Through the donation of ambulances, we aim to enhance their access to healthcare and make a positive difference in their lives.”

Recognizing the sacrifices made by armed forces personnel, ex-servicemen and their families, Atharva Foundation has consistently strived to provide assistance in various forms. The donation of ambulances and laptops are the part of the foundation’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the well-being of those who have dedicated their lives to protecting the nation. The Rajya Sainik Board of Assam Director Brigadier Dinesh Ch Mazumdar (Retd) has expressed deep gratitude and appreciation for the support provided by Atharva Foundation under the leadership of Shri. Sunil Rane. The organization’s commitment to creating a positive impact in society has garnered widespread recognition and appreciation.

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