College in Tura observes World Diabetes Day

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An awareness programme cum detection drive for campus residents as well as for the residents of Chunmati and Sangsanggre, was organized by the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, College of Community Science Tura,on the occasion of World Diabetes Day 20 on Monday, November 14.the occasion was observed this year under the theme ‘access to diabetes education’.The programme began with the release of pamphlets by Dean, Dr Jyoti V Vastrad, who emphasized on early detection and good nutrition support for the management of diabetes. The medical wing of the College aided in the detection of diabetes.The students also assessed the BMI of the participants.Nutrition education was provided to the participants in the local language by Dr Natasha R Marak, Assistant Professor, who spoke about the local food beliefs that were a myth and how best to manage blood glucose levels using the diverse food products available in this region.Dr Namita Singh, Professor, revealed the alarming statistics of diabetes in India and how India has come to be known as the diabetes capital of the world.

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