Success stories of 2 award winning IMPCSS in Nagaland.

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Chedema Village Integrated Multi Purpose Co-operative Society limited under Kohima district and Chendang Village IMPCS under Tuensang district have been conferred with the best IMPCS award by Nagaland Co-operation Department.this award was handed over to them by Nagaland Agriculture & Cooperation Minister, G Kaito Aye during the observance of the 69th All India Cooperative Week Celebration 2022 in Kohima on November 14.the Minister congratulated them and appealed them to take the lead and carry forward the activities.Chedema Village IMPCS Chedema Village IMPCS Limited Chairman Seyievinyü Medom said that Chedema village, which lies about 7 km east of Kohima town, has about 480 households and a population of 1820, as per the 2011 Census.The Society has 191 active members at present, which is about 10.22 percent of the village population.

This Society was initiated in 1968, but ceased to function after some years.However,it was registered again in 2018.Our regular activities include fishery,dairy farming, piggery, goatery,rabbitry and poultry through the ICD Project, he informed. The members also successfully involved in cultivation of fruits such as Guava, orange and Banana and vegetables such as Millet, Job’s tears, Soya bean and Local garlic (Khuvie).these activities have helped sustain the livelihood for all the members, he said.

Thanking the department for bestowing the award to the Society, he said this award has motivated us to work even harder.Chendang Village IMPCS
Chendang Village IMPCS Limited was started on September 30, 2020. It has 7 board members along with 80 active members.the Society got a loan under ICDP on Transport sector and was given a Bolero Camper.further, the Society has made a repayment of 2 times installment to the Government.Each member has a share of Rs 500, informed the Society Chairman N Kaimang Chang.potato (Product and Marketing): In the year 2021, the Society produced 3 Tonnes of Potato seeds amounting to a sum of Rs 90,000. It also supplied 300 Kgs of Kufri Kanchan seeds of KVK Phek, amounting to Rs 15,000. It marked 6 Tonnes of Potato seeds to Longleng amounting to Rs 2,10,000 (Agri Department).in the year of 2022, it had marketed 2 Tonnes of Potato seeds to KVK, Mokokchung amounting to Rs 80,000.the Society bought 13 Tonnes of Kufri Jyoti Potato seeds from Jalandar (Punjab) and was sold in the month of January and February 2022 and got Rs 4,29,000 from it.till now, the amount they got from the product and marketing of Potatoes stands at Rs 8, 24,000. From 2021-2022, the Society bought and marketed a total of 1640 kilograms of Green Pea and got Rs 3,44,000. From 2021-2022, the Society bought and marketed 5 kgs of cabbage seeds and got an amount of Rs 2,25,000.the Society also undertakes cultivation of Carrot, Radish, Cauliflower, Broccoli and King Chilli.It has constructed 2 Water Reservoir Tanks at the project side.the Society’s Bolero Camper started its service from September 1 between Chendang and Tuensang Town on a daily basis, carrying daily commuters, vegetables to the market.Till now, the income we got from it stands at the estimated cost of 5,69,950, the Chairman also participated in the exhibition for two consecutive years on the eve of Independence Day Celebrations in 2021 and has meanwhile purchased a share in the Nagaland State Co-Operative Bank Ltd.The Society is affiliated to MARCOFED, Dimapur.

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